Trick Photography Book Review – Do the Best Special Effect Photographs

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Many people are buying expensive digital cameras nowadays and they would like to make great and beautiful photos that everyone will admire. Unfortunately, most of them remain just average or below average photographers and their photographs suck. Main reason for this lack of quality in their pictures is not the lack of talent but the inadequate training and ignorance.

I was one of those “bad” photographers for a long time too. In fact I improved my skills and knowledge just recently. My friends and family members where amazed and positively surprised when I showed them my recent shots and they wouldn’t believe me at first that these shots where made by myself.

The secret behind my recent improvement lays in an e-book called “Trick Photography And Special Effects”, written by Evan Sharboneau. This is not just a regular e-book, but a whole course with videos and instructions to guide you, step by step, through the various techniques and tricks of modern photography.

Of course that this is not the only good book about photography out there and I don’t claim it’s the best. There are many good courses available online and probably in your local area too. It’s just my favorite book at the moment, it helped me a lot and that’s why I like it so much.

If you are a professional photographer this book might not be for you as you might already be familiar with lot of things in it. But if you are an aspiring amateur photographer or hobbyist like me who just got his first DSLR camera this might be the best purchase you ever made!

The second edition of the “Trick Photography And Special Effects” e-book is divided in three parts and it has nearly 300 pages and 9 hours of video tutorials. It includes more than 300 high quality photographs made by the author himself and by many other, very talented photographers from all over the world. The book is very easy to read and to understand even for a complete beginner.

In the first part of the book you can read abut long exposure effects and about the technique called light painting. It teaches you how to make photos with your DSLR camera in low light situations using various lighting methods and equipment. After this part you will be able to make some really incredible pictures that will astonish everyone who sees them.

In the second part of the book author introduces various trick photography techniques and many special effects. In this part you will also start using Photoshop to manipulate and enhance your photos to add drama to your images and to create surreal situations and settings.

In the third part of the book you can learn much more about Photoshop and how to create some really shocking images. The author of the book is a Photoshop expert and he will show you how to create some awesome effects in a simple and straightforward way.

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Trick Photography book review


  1. OnlinePhotographyCourses
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