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Trick Photography and Special Effects

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Learn to take pictures just like the ones you see in the video, without having to own expensive equipment. This course teaches trick photography and special effect techniques to you in easy to understand but yet very detailed chapters and videos. Its creative photography at its best.

Start taking pictures that will leave your audience in awe. Make your friends gasp in shock at the trick photography and special effects in your photos.

The writer of this course Evan Sharboneau is an accomplished photographer and photo editor. His pictures are award winning and he is now sharing his secrets with the world. Grab your copy of this amazing trick photography and special effects program now. It is the best online photography course for creative photography available

Trust me, after learning his secrets, taking pictures with your new found knowledge will be more fun and interesting than ever before. Become and expert at trick photography and special effects.

I purchased Trick Photography and Special Effects for one sole reason, I wanted my pictures to be more creative, I needed shots that stood out from the rest. I got my copy and started going through it. There are nearly three hundred pages of the manual and over 9 hours of how-to instructional videos.

They are split into three main sections –

Section 1
Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting
-Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting
-Fundamental Lights and Techniques
-Other (more creative) Light Sources
-Light Painting Techniques
-Motion blur
-Star Trails
-Other fun long exposures

Section 2
Trick Photography and Special Effects
-In-Camera Illusions
-3D Stereoscopic Photography
-High-Speed Photography
-Double Exposures
-HDR Photography
-Infrared Photography
-360X180 Planet Panoramas
-Time-Displacement Photography via Scanner

Photoshop Projects (70 Pages)
-Multiplicity Photography
-Levitation Photography
-The Invisible Man #1
-The Invisible Man #2
-Flesh Manipulations
-Fake Tilt-Shift Photography
-The Droste Effect
-The Harris Shutter Effect
-Mixing Day with Night

The videos and instructions are really well laid out and explained. They showed me tips and tricks that I have never seen anywhere else. There were lots of links to places where I could get cheap equipment and accessories. Everything was thought out well when putting this course together. It is done in such detail yet it is so easy to follow.

These tricks are quite advanced and need some practice, but once I got a hang of them, I was starting to get some really wonderful and creative shots. I have never taken such creative shots as I am doing now. I am extremely satisfied with the purchase and I am only halfway through the Trick Photography and Special Effects chapter.

Trick Photography and Special Effects is an exceptional one of a kind online photography course. And there is no other like it out there. If you are wanting to learn creative photography, do get yourself a copy.

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Trick Photography and Special Effects
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