Photography Basics for Beginners – ISO – Part 4 of 6

Photography Basics for Beginners – ISO – Video Series Part 4 of 6


ISO is the last of the three components that make up exposure. In the last two videos, we already talked about aperture ( and shutter speed (, and ISO basically describes the sensitivity of your sensor. The higher the ISO level, the more sensitive the sensor is to the light that comes in. So treating it more sensitively and hence making the image brighter.

ISO sensitivity is measured in stops. By doubling the ISO value from 200 to 400, for example, you are also increasing the sensitivity the sensor has to the light. This obviously has also a very direct effect on the amount of light that comes in.

So if you are increasing or decreasing the sensitivity levels of your sensor, you need to adjust the amount of light that comes in, so you need to adjust your aperture or your shutter speed.

With ISO also comes noise – digital noise. Digital noise are these white and coloured speckles on an image. Basically, with increasing ISO values, you are exaggerating those speckles. They are always there, but with increasing values, you are exaggerating those speckles even further so that you can actually see them in the image. And by that, you’re worsening your quality of your image.

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