Nikon D750 – Autofocus-Settings – Tips & Tricks | Photography

My Full Length Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video can be ordered here:

Just wrapped up my Nikon D750 Crash Course Training Video. I know many of you just got the camera, and the focusing systems are one of the trickiest to learn if you are a pure beginner, so I wanted to make this lesson available to you. It is just one of many lessons from my video, over 4 hours total, and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

All this said, what are my personal thoughts about the Nikon D750? It is an absolutely phenomenal camera, my favorite of all the Nikon full Frames I have ever used. Improved focusing, improved ISO, improved low-light, improved moire, tilty screen, wifi, built in flash. It is a tremendous value and performance wise the D750 compares very, very well to competing Canon cameras, including the Canon 5Diii and Canon 6D.

Hmmm…maybe an Epic Shootout on the D750 is coming?? Stay tuned!

If you are in the market for the Nikon D750, I would highly recommend, and buying through this.






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