Mobile Holder with Photo Frame

This cradle comes with an adjustable side grip and supporting side arms that securely hold any PDA or mobile phone. The multi-directional flexible arm means that any desired mounting angle can be acheived. The 14mm thick cradle also has two pegs at the bottom for further support. The width of this holder can be adjusted between 40mm and 110mm meaning that all PDA’s and mobile phones will fit in with ease. The sturdy 70mm diameter windscreen suction fitment eliminates vibration / movement once installed.

Features : -This universal mobile holder is suitable for any model of mobile,gps,pda,ipod etc.
•Shock proof antiskid design and good outlook.
•Button for regulating width(Maximum 110mm,Minimum 40mm).
•In tha main unit you can insert one -photograph.
•360 degree rotating support holder(SEE PIC).
•Cupule and fast releasing button.
•100% high quality.Suitab
•New design with crystals for better looks.
Reliable and easy to use.
Fits on AC vent also

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