Learning Camera Lenses – DSLR Filmmaking – 10 Videos You Should

10 videos for beginners that cover focal length, depth of field, Zoom vs prime lenses, Uv filters, Neutral Density filters, lens hoods and more.

Darious Britt

1Understanding Camera Lenses

2. DOF Depth Of Field – Photography & Filmmaking Tutorial 15
Tom Antos

3. DSLR Tutorial: Using ND filters for shooting video
Fenchel & Janisch

4 UV Filter vs No UV Filter – DigitalRev TV Test
DigitalRev TV

5 Lens Hoods – Why, When, and How to Use Them

6 Polarizing Filter Use and Examples

7. Tilt-Shift Lens Basics with Vincent Laforet — Explore Tilt Shift Lenses in New York City at night

8. An Introduction to Macro Photography
B and H

9 Pro DSLR + Cheapo Lens vs “Cheapo” DSLR + Pro Lens
DigitalRev TV

10 CNET How To – Clean your dSLR lens

Shot with Canon EOS 60D
Microphone Nady SGM – 12
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  4. A.J.Galecki
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    I lol’d at your intro hahaha
    i remember being at a camera store and holding a lens for the first time
    and thats exactly how it went

  5. TheVirtuallyAddicted
    April 24, 2015 at 12:23 am #

    I spend a lot of time watching instructional videos. Hopefully it will help
    when I start shooting in the Spring.

  6. Tanya Blagochevskaya
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  7. NicolovsVideo
    April 24, 2015 at 12:47 am #

    Very well. I think that another good thing to say in the notion of filters
    – matte box. Wonderful little things and I think cheaper in a long run than
    buying bags of individual filters. There a nice DIY tutorials online and if
    you find the right place to buy the right glass – you’re golden. : ) 

  8. Remo Fiore
    April 24, 2015 at 1:16 am #

    I’ve seen em all but great info for anyone starting out and intrested in
    lenses and cameras and film making and photography.
    If you’re more into photography and lenses partiularly Nikon equipment, may
    I be so bold to make a suggestion. Check out “The Angry Photographer”
    Series, the channel name is +Theoria Apophasis he cusses a lot but it’s
    cool and he really does know his stuff. Heaps of excellent videos on lenses
    and saving money for top class glass.

  9. Ducker
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    Nice video as always! Thanks for the help man.

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  15. Rafael Toschi Chiafarelli
    April 24, 2015 at 5:31 am #

    really cool man, I wached these videos several times…. but about story
    telling, what types of lenses should be used with witch types of scenes?
    Or, telling a story that hard core drama, what lenses could be used? tks

  16. Socks & Sandals Productions
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    Great vid, but holy heck, your voice is seriously clipping at times – Your
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  17. Koulla Theoharous
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    Hey Darious, Happy New Year! Thanks for showing these videos. I already
    started using the BlackMagic and Canon 5D Mark III at my film school, which
    is cool. I was thinking buying a Canon 1100D or a 1200D to be more
    practical with these cameras. I think I should go for the Canon 1100D. Has
    less cons and more pros compare to 1200D. I’m definitely going for a cheap
    but good camera with pro lenses. That way, it helps my budget and become a
    freelancer to start making more music videos for my clients, adverts and
    short films. To see how it goes from there! In a few years time, get an
    upgrade lol.

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    can’t wait to see those videos you recommended. It’s hard to find videos
    that explains this stuff without putting you to sleep lol. I like how you
    didn’t bombard us with 45min videos of Ben Stein trying to explain what a
    rolling shutter is lmao.. Good stuff my dude

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