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One of the most well-known quotes by world famous photographer Ansel Adams is “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

The same is true for the digital cameras and digital camera accessories that we choose to use to get those “good photographs.” That is, there is no prescription for what camera and accessories you choose; there are only the excellent photographs that result from your choice of equipment and your willingness to use that equipment.

The equipment starts with a camera that suits your needs. Once your have the camera and the right lenses to suit your photography style, you can continue to add equipment and camera accessories that can help to make your experience better or easier.

Essential Camera Accessories
Some of the items that are normally listed as additional camera accessories are not really even accessories; they are essential. These “supposed” essentials include digital camera batteries and camera memory cards. Not only are these necessary, but matching your digital camera with the right batteries and memory cards is critical to having trouble-free picture-taking sessions. If you happen to buy cheap batteries, you could end up with a drained power source before you got all the shots you wanted.

The same is true for memory cards. Matching your camera and style of shooting with memory cards that can handle the load will save you time and frustration. There are not too many things worse than missing an award-winning shot because your camera’s memory card was too busy to respond to the camera’s next shot.

Camera Accessories That Make A Difference
Three other choices that can add to your overall photography experience are camera bags, external camera flash, and tripods. Camera bags seem somewhat trivial when considering the “big picture,” that is what you want to accomplish with your camera. However, when you are heading out for an important shoot, you want to be sure that you have all the equipment needed to finish the job, and a good camera bag can go a long way toward making that happen. You can organize your lenses and accessories as well as protecting them from sloshing around inside the camera case and causing dings, scratches, and possible serious damage.

Likewise, an external flash, while not absolutely necessary for every type of photography, is an important part of a good photography kit.

Good, dependable tripods are another of those camera accessories that many photographers tend to either not get or try to save money by purchasing cheap. Yet, when faced with certain situations, tripods can save the day.

Finally, when the shoot is over, it is important to be able to finish the job with capable photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop (or an equivalent). A few minor touch-ups with post-processing software can make the difference between the “Wow” photos and the duds.

Setting up your computer by calibrating the monitor for spot-on color, becoming familiar with your photo editing software, and connecting the computer to a capable photo printer will give you a sense of complete satisfaction as you view your printed work; the result of a totally successful photo shoot.

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