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Mi Set up:

-Ordenador: Portátil Aspire E1-570G:

-Procesador: Intel Core I3-3217U (1,8 GHz, 3Mb L3 cache)
-Gráfica: Nvidia GeForce 820M with 1 GB VRAM
-RAM: 4 GB DDR3 Memory
-Disco duro: 1000 GB HDD

-Ratón: Venom optical Gaming Mouse:
-Sensor Óptico
-Resolución: 800 / 1600 / 2400 dpi
-6 Botones
-1000 Hz
-Aceleración: 20 G
-Tiempo resp: 1 ms
-Dimensiones: 111 x 86 x 38 mm
-Peso 114 g

-Teclado: B-Move Burst Gaming Keyboard
-Medidas: 485mm x 213 mm x 30 mm
-Peso neto: 740g

-Tele o Monitor: TV LED 22” Haier LET22T1000HF Full HD, 2 HDMI y USB grabador:
-Tamaño de la pantalla 22 ”
-Resolución 1920 x 1080 píxeles
-Tiempo de respuesta 5 ms
-Dimensiones sin soporte 52 x 32 x 4,8 cm
-Peso: 2,9 kg

-Cascos: Tritton Kunai

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-Skype: Theca98


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F1 2013 gives FORMULA 1™ fans the chance to compete against legendary drivers in cars from different eras of FORMULA ONE with a range of classic content from the 1980s. F1 Classics, introduced by legendary broadcaster Murray Walker, allows players to race iconic 1980s cars from Williams, Lotus and Ferrari against drivers including Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Emerson Fittipaldi and Gerhard Berger, with more to be announced, on classic circuits Brands Hatch and Jerez.

New year, new games. This will be now the fourth F1 game in the row that was made from Codemasters as they already made this popular sports game in 2010, 2011 and 2012. It’s already known that F1 2013 game will be the last one for current generation hardware (PC, PS3 and XBOX 360), but in 2014, with some new hardware releases, that might change. In each release they made some new features and improvements to things that needed them. In general, as said before in my previous reviews that you can read by clicking on some links below, F1 games made by Codemasters are good and succsessful. However, there is always a room for new improvements so take a look below and see which things would gaming fans wish to see improved or added into the 2013 version of the game.

Classic Game Room reviews F1 2012 from Codemasters Racing for the PlayStation 3 PS3 video game console (also available for Xbox 360 and PC). Drive Formula 1 like a boss in this awesome driving game from Codemasters featuring the teams, tracks and drivers that you love (or hate, depending on what mood you’re in) from Formula 1 F1 racing! F1 2012 features smoother gameplay than previous versions and solid visuals, audio design and numerous camera perspectives to fit your driving style. CGR F1 2012 video review features gameplay recorded from PS3 using the Logitech Driving Force GT, NASCAR Playseat and 1972 El Camino, F1 2013, F1 2013 video review, 2013 features smoother gameplay than, Game Designer Stephen Hood is at the wheel of the Mclaren F1 car from the game. Stephen is driving on an Xbox 360 with a Fanatec CSR Wheel and Clubsport pedals and driving at the Inside Sim Racing Studios. Despite its rather stunning appearance the game is still a work in progress and due out in September of 2012. 2013 Key features to watch our for: Front wheel lockup including tire smoke, operation of KERS and DRS, on the fly adjustment of brake bias. Special thanks to the guys at Codemasters for coming by and allowing such great footage, massa, alonso, vettel, button, weber, hamilton, senna, schumacher, win, crash, crashing, best, great, start, ferrari, mclaren, mercedes, red bull, lotus, raikkönen, win, championo, epic, f1 2013, best, amazing, start, fail, gp, hd, bbc, skysport, game, 2013 game, f1 2013 game, monaco, monao GP, monaco 2013, monte carlo, bahrain gp, bahrain 2013, race, qualifying, F1 2012 The Game – Safety Car aka. Creeping Car, On my Main channel I do a whole variety of F1 Videos on the Codemasters Games Franchise: F1 2010, F1 2011, F1 2012 and F1 2013 once its released. I currently do F1 Car Setups, Career Mode, League Races, Live Commentaries, Sprint Mode, Races with Subscribers and Formula One Race Reviews and Previews which will be coming as soon as the F1 2013 F1 S
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