DSLR Camera Training Course – Learning Digital Photography Online For Beginners

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This is the photo master class course by Evan sharboneau

Course breakdown.
This course is divided up into 4 modules,

1st module is about mastering your DSLR camera ( how to pick up your DSLR, and understand what are the buttons on your camera. This to build your confidence to know what settings to adjust if you are taking pictures of a certain subject in a certain situation. You also learn about focusing aperture, shutter speed etc.

2nd After module 1 you will have a complete understanding of how your physical dslr camera works and then your will be able to move on to module 2 which is all about photography equipment. Here you understand what different types of DSLR cameras can offer through compare and contrast. If you are thinking about getting a DSLR camera then this module will help you as well, but also how to compare different types of lenses and when you will want to use what lenses and at what situations

3rd. Module 3 is about composition. After you learn all about the camera you will need to know what to look out for when you are about to take a picture through the view finder in order to take interesting pictures. Otherwise known as the photographer eye. You now understand the position principles of photography that all good photographers use and have always been using throughout all time, things to consider like what are the best times of day to take a picture, how to position your subjects within the frame and how to light up a portrait.

4th Module is about post production. How to edit all your photos on the computer by using the adobe software. Adobe light room and adobe Photoshop.

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